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A knitter since 1999 who has talked, written, and built buzz about companies big and small. Her knitting queue is a mile long as she is mom to two small, sassy girls (the PostStitch interns) who demand to be dressed alike and wife to a sock obsessed husband. Who taught you how to knit? My grandma taught me to knit when I was teeny tiny, but it was my mom who re-inspired me to pick up my needles in high school. Favorite thing to knit? Recently socks, but I have serious case of Second Sock Syndrome and rarely make a complete pair. Strangest place you've ever knitted? I lived in a van for three months while touring New Zealand and knit almost everyday. Even next to a Hobbit hole. Knit or purl? Knit, but I once had a goldfish named Purl. Favorite thing in your notions bag? Pom pom maker! What you do when you're not knitting? Color outside of the lines with the PostStitch Interns, bake cookies, and dream about my next beach vacation.

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A (active) knitter since 1982 who clocked 10+ years working at local knit shops in Sarasota, Florida. Mom to one daughter and three boys, Gaga to the two most adorable granddaughters, and wife to a supportive husband who turns a blind eye to the money she spends on yarn.Who taught you how to knit? My sister Michel put a pair of needles in my hand when I was around 8 years old. Favorite thing to knit? Anything with a lace chart. The more intricate the the better! Strangest place you've ever knitted? I took my two youngest boys to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III and I used my reading lamp to knit instead. Knit or purl? I'm a lefty, so I love to purl! Favorite thing in your notions bag? My highlighter tape. What do you do when you're not knitting? Sit by the pool and talk with my sister or read a good book. Any suggestions?

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